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Auto claim, The easiest way of earning crypto automatically! You can start earning 14 different crypto by simply leaving the page open. Moreover, you can collect these 14 crypto coins at the same time by opening new windows.

Start now claiming cryptocurrencies automatically!

We offer 2 types of payment for auto claiming, please choose one.

Credit to my balance

If you choose this payment method, your payments will be added to your wallet account on our website as balance. You can withdraw them to your FaucetHub account without any limit at any time. We recommend this option to get payment ideally without any problem.

Pay instantly to FaucetHub

If you choose this payment method, your payments will be sent to your FaucetHub account automatically. We recommend this option to level up faster at FaucetHub.

Choose your payment frequency!

We offer multiple payment frequencies, please choose one.

Configure your session time!

Configuring the session time will effect the current payout rates.


Choose the coin that you like to claim!

We offer 14 different cryptocurrencies, please choose one.


Write your wallet address!

The wallet address should be linked to FaucetHub.

Verify yourself!

Choose one of captcha option and verify yourself.

How can I claim free coins automatically?

Follow these steps and start to earn.

Choose the payout method.

You can take the first step to collect coins automatically by selecting Credit to my wallet or pay instantly to FaucetHub.

Fill in the form

Select the coin that you want to save and enter your Wallet Address to complete this step.

Pass the shortlink step

By following the steps on any shortlink site you have redirected, you can reach the link that we created specifically for you.

You are ready

And you are starting to earn! You can increase your earnings by repeating these steps.