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Select the category!

Before starting, please select the category! There are three categories on our website. According to this: If you select the AUTO CLAIM category, you can get a payment once each minute, once every 2 minutes or once every 5 minutes. If you select the MANUAL CLAIM category, you can get paid at once. If you select the LEVEL UP category, you can only upgrade your level in FaucetHub.

Fill the form!

Fill in the form after the category you chose. In this step, you will be asked to choose the coin which you want to claim and enter your wallet address which is linked to FaucetHub. Then select the captcha you want to complete the verification process. Claiming will be started within a few seconds after the "Start Claiming" button is pressed.

Pass the shortlink step!

After you hit the "Start Claiming" button, you will be redirected to any shortlink website automatically. After that, you need to complete the process at the shortlink website before you continue.

You are ready!

Once you complete the steps at the shortlink website, you will be automatically redirected back to our website. You may now start to receive the payments based on the category you selected. Keep in mind that you can make as many claims as you like by opening new tabs on your browser at the same time.

Important No Miner / Virus / Malware is found in any of the claiming areas. None of the ads you see on our site and on shortlinks are under our control. If you have any problems, you can let us know by sending us a mail via [email protected] or by sending private message via social media accounts or FaucetHub. All your suggestions and complaints are important for us!



Please select the claiming category!

Payments to your balance

If you collect coins from this menu, your payments will be credited to your wallet account on our site. You can withdraw directly to FaucetHub at any time from the Claim page without any limit.

Payments directly to FaucetHub

If you collect coins from this menu, payments will be made directly to FaucetHub. Please compare our offers in all categories before you decide.


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